All About Us

Warm, Professional, Encouraging

Our positive, professional atmosphere will guide preschoolers and help them develop all the skills they require for kindergarten. MPP works closely with the Monroe Woodbury School System in developing our program so that we can best prepare your child for kindergarten.

Our program, strongly rooted in the developmental growth process, motivates your child to experiment, explore and flourish.

Our warm, experienced, professional staff will help focus your child’s natural sense of wonder, curiosity and inherent desire to learn.

Class Parents

One parent from each class will be asked to serve as a liaison between the parents and teachers. Possible duties:  
  • Posting a list for parties.
  • Collecting money needed for class trips.
  • Helping out in the classroom when needed.
    Interested parents should check the box on the registration form.


    Once a year we have a fundraiser to raise needed monies for the preschool. Your participation is greatly appreciated to help support our non-profit preschool. The money raised during these events is used to purchase new and stimulating classroom and playground equipment.


    Dress your children in comfortable sneakers and play clothes as they may get dirty. Be sure your child wears warm, suitable clothing and boots for outdoor play. Please label with your child's name all items sent to school. Check the weather before coming to school and dress your child appropriately.

    Healthy Snacks

    Please send your child to school with a healthy snack and juice box. All snack bags and boxes must be labeled with the child's name.

    Call us at
    (845) 781-7814